What color is the dirt?

I think I’m overdue a convos with my two year old post. These came home from school today.



How do you say “good morning?” and other weekend fun.

We had a pretty low key weekend. Every once in a while, that happens. It was much needed and full of normal fun- nothing extraordinary, nothing expensive- just good quality time. Friday night we celebrated Chinese New Year with my family. After dinner, we had cake and a little celebration for my dad’s upcoming birthday. My brother was teaching Austin to catch, and he is getting pretty good at it!

Saturday we hung around the house. There was a little bit of drum action.

IMG_20150222_162158156_TOP IMG_20150222_162110999

We turned Austin’s crib into a toddler bed. He was excited about it.
IMG_20150221_101822911IMG_20150221_101821749IMG_20150221_101749800It’s been really funny seeing how Austin wakes up from his naps and in the mornings. The first day, at the start of his nap, he woke up and closed the door to his room. Then he knocked on it and called for daddy. After he actually napped, he very quietly walked over to our room and stood in the doorway. We pretended to be asleep to see what he’d do. There was a dog barking outside. He took a tentative step into our room, and then shouted, “woof!”. haha. Yesterday morning, he was doing this hop/crawl thing  towards our room and saying “woof!” until we burst out laughing. Then he smiled, stood up and said “hi guys!” in the cutest voice you’ve ever heard. He then told us he dreamed about a small yellow dog. Don’t ask me where that came from. This morning, he came in skipping and clapping his hands. Man I love that kid. He wakes up happy and brings it with him.

After the nap, we went to a neighbors’ house to celebrate their son’s first birthday. Later that night I had a dinner date with my mom. It was fun being out just the two of us. We went to a favorite restaurant that we hadn’t been to in ages, and just got vegetable plates to share. It was delicious.


Sunday morning we had Chinese New Year “cake” for breakfast. I’ll admit, I had some for breakfast today, and will probably indulge again tomorrow. It’s a treat!
IMG_20150222_085436614 IMG_20150222_093237071Austin didn’t really care for the breakfast, but he did ask for a “pingua” which is “apple” in Mandarin. I let him have one.


We took Austin to a hibachi place for lunch yesterday. We thought it would be neat for him to experience being cooked in front of. As soon as there was fire, he was in my lap, saying “mommy, hold me!” He was scared, but interested, and he liked the food. I won’t lie when I say he was happy to leave though. Sunday night ended with lots of prayer and a movie that wasn’t good enough to stay up for. Too bad, but it was still good to just veg out on the couch.

That is pretty much all that happened. There was lots of reading of books, playing with toys, and tickling. I posted a few new items to our auction (Have you seen what’s been added over on the Online Auction page of the blog?), and just tried to the time with my boys. I’ll take as many weekends like that as I can before the craziness that comes with warm weather sets in. Not that I’m not looking forward to the fun of summer and excitement of what we’ve got in store, but just trying to enjoy the time I have right now.