Our Family

Hi Friends! This is the place to find out what is happening in the lives of the Martins. Please visit often, and leave us comments.

Here’s a little background about us:

Our family was established on September 11, 2010 when Chris and I were married. In December 2012, we were blessed with a bouncing baby boy- Austin. He teaches us new things everyday.

We are both Christians, and are eager to see how God will use us in His plans. We want to expand our family, and pray that God will continue to bless us in that way. We aim to create an inviting home where all are welcome to come break bread, laugh, cry, share, and make memories.

Chris is smart, outgoing, and charming. He loves to meet new people. Chris likes to make people laugh, and his goofy, corny personality makes the laughter come easily.  He is a lover of food, music, and dance. He has been a dancer since he was a little boy. He loves to travel, and we both want to see and taste the world!

Alicia also loves to eat, and to travel. She loves party planning, cooking, and getting crafty. She loves to act, and misses being in front of the camera. Alicia is a nurturer, and is easy to talk to. She really enjoys finding thoughtful ways to make her friends smile.

Together, weMartins want to touch people’s lives. We want to share our lives with those around us, and shine love and light into their lives.

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

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