What’s in a Name?

Some of you may already know what we have decided to name the little boy we are adopting. For the rest of you, this post is the big reveal! Super dramatic, right?? I have been meaning to write this post forever. I didn’t because, well, aside from life being crazy (but wonderful!), I just felt like it was very final, and… well, what if we changed our minds??

Chris and I love names. It’s fun seeing how one of us reacts to a name that the other suggests, sometimes seriously, and other times to get a laugh. We love rolling names over our tongues and seeing how they feel and sound. More than a pleasant sound, though, we want our children’s names to have meaning. We pored over names for this child. Did we want the meaning to tie back to his past? To our hopes for his future? Should it tie to his story? Do we even want to change the name he was given? It was tough to decide what to do. In the end, we decided that we would not legally keep his Chinese name. But he will always have it. Just as I have a Chinese name that my grandparents chose for me, he will always have his Chinese name too. It just won’t be on his American citizenship papers.

So, for his first name, we chose the name “Evan”. Depending on the origin of the name, it has several different meanings. The American and Hebrew meanings are the same: Stone. We thought this was appropriate, because the city he comes from is a mining town. The Celtic meaning of this name is “young fighter.” As a baby with a special need, abandoned at just a couple of days old, our little one has already overcome so much, so we thought this meaning, too, was appropriate. Lastly, we learned that the Welsh meaning of the name means “God has been gracious.” We feel this applies not only to our little boy in his young life, but especially, too, to our own lives, where the Lord has shown favor and mercy. So there we have it. His name will be Evan. And on this baby name website, they include a “SoulUrge number”  and an “Expression number” that relates to each name. It’s some horoscopey, nonsense numerical value, I’m sure, and I put no stock in these things, but I thought the one that corresponds to Evan was interesting, none the less:

meaning of Evan

The second name for him was harder. We know of many families who adopted from China and kept their child’s Chinese name as their middle name. Is that what we wanted to do, too? The name he was given at his orphanage was chosen by his orphanage director, not his birth parents. While the meaning was nice, it just didn’t resonate with us. If he were older, we’d have thought more about keeping his Chinese name, or letting him make a decision, but we decided that giving him a new name is what worked best for us and our situation.

As with most middle names, we were testing out the string of first name-possible middle name-last name to see what sounded best. The names we thought sounded the best following Evan just didn’t have the meaning that we felt would be significant to him (or us) in any way. So we changed tactics. We looked at the meaning of the city where he’s spent his whole life. It is known as the “deer city.” I jokingly suggested “Buck”, but Chris turned that down in a heartbeat. (Part of me thinks it’s super cute and hope it ends up as a nickname one day!) We asked a friend in China to help us breakdown the name of his city, to see if we could use any part of the Chinese word, and that started us down the path to the name we decided. The Chinese word “lù” means “deer”. So we looked to see if there were any names that contained “Lu” in it, and researched the meaning of the many names we found, and asking for input from our family.

As we were going through the names, we realized that if we chose a name that begins with “Lu”, instead of containing it in the middle or at the end of the name, it would be even more special to us for a couple of reasons. First, Evan’s initials would be the same as Chris’ dad. That would be cool. Secondly, my grandmother’s name is Lucinda, so it would start off the same way as her name does. So it would kind of connect Evan with our families in a way, which we thought was pretty awesome. I’ve always liked biblical names, and the most obvious male biblical name that starts with “Lu” is Luke. We went back and forth over that one as we searched through other names, but finally, we decided on a variant of Luke: Lucas. It means “light”. We hope that we are changing the outlook of Evan’s future, giving light, but most importantly, we hope we are raising a son who will be a light to others. We have a name picked out for a girl if are ever blessed with one, and her name also incorporates the same meaning. So we thought it was perfect.

It’s pretty much official. We’ve written Evan Lucas on official documents now, so I guess that’s what made me feel ready to share. Thanks for your patience! Austin talks about Evan with us, and his name is used in conversations in our home all the time. It’ definitely solidified the name in our hearts and minds, and I can’t wait till I can hold him and say his name aloud, with his sweet face looking back at me…. which, in case you are wondering, is in 39 days!!! I’ll write another post on all that has happened soon.

39 days


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