Praise God! We are one step closer to our boy! Yesterday, we got the call that our dossier has been “Registered” to the database in China and is “in Translation.”


Being LID (Log In Date/registered) is the step we’ve been praying about, and the last step before a big one- LOA (letter of acceptance). Over the next few months, our dossier will go from being “In Translation” to “In Review”. Then it will be waiting “To Be Matched” when it is transferred to the matching department. When the dossier is “Matched” to our son’s file, the letter “Seeking Confirmation” (or Letter Of Acceptance)will be issued, followed by “Travel Approval”.
While all of that is happening oversees, we will be ramping up our fundraising efforts, getting the boys’ room ready, educating ourselves, and praying like mad, because once we have LOA, things should really start moving toward travel. We are still hoping and praying that we will get to meet our boy in September. It feels so long from now, but when I think of all that has to be done, still, I know those days will start flying by.  …at least, I hope they do!
Please be praying with us that the people handling our dossier are careful, accurate, and swift, and that we move through this process quickly and get our LOA in time for us to travel in September. We’d also appreciate prayer that our little guy is being prepared for thishuge change in his life, somehow. Please, please pray!  Thank you!


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