5/2 Yard Sale

Last Saturday we had the yard sale that we’ve been collecting donations for over the last several months. We were very lucky to have friends who were willing to help us out, because we had a lot of stuff! We had so much stuff, that we had to reserve the neighborhood pool parking lot to hold our sale.

Friday afternoon, I took off work early, ran to the bank to get change, met someone buying something early, and then started organizing. My best friend came over to help. We sorted clothes into bins, hung them on racks, and created signs for them. Our neighbors then came over to help, along with another dear friend, who came armed with frozen custard to refuel the troops! (I have the best friends!) We all loaded up our cars with boxes of stuff, and loaded the bigger items on the trailer.

We called it a night around 9:30, and re-gathered the next morning. Chris and I were up at 5. He took the first load up to the pool, where another awesome neighbor met him and helped him unload. Our other neighbors joined him at around six, while my BFF stayed home with my sleeping babe. I ran out to get donuts! The local Krispy Kreme donated 5 dozen donuts (and coffee) to us to feed the volunteers and also sell during the sale. How awesome is that? Another friend showed up with two tables (to add to the many we had already borrowed,) and all of the items, including my kiddo were at the pool area just after 7.

It was a beautiful day, with not a cloud in the sky… which resulted in some sunburns. We stayed out until about 2:00, and enjoyed meeting neighbors, sharing our adoption story, and just hanging out with friends. My brother came out to spend time with us and help keep an eye on my ever-moving toddler. Chris’ aunt and cousin came up from Myrtle Beach to help out too!

The sale was a success, bringing in $1850 towards our adoption. We didn’t sell half of our items, though, so there will definitely be more yard sales in our future. I say sales, plural, because the pool will be opening soon, and we don’t have a large enough space to set up like that again. Plus I can’t keep asking for our friends to give up so much of their time for us. We will probably just do them in our yard (And maybe overflow into our neighbors’ yards), and just do two or three throughout the summer until we can clear out the garage again. I want my garage back!

We are incredibly grateful for all of the donations, time, and effort people have given to help us with this. I don’t know why we are so blessed, but I’m thankful. We are a little bit closer to having raised the money to bring our kiddo home, thanks to our friends and neighbors, and the folks who shopped with us. Hopefully a couple more yard sales will give us another boost. This month, I’m also working two weddings, and I have another fundraiser in the works for a little bit later out. So, I’m hoping and planning for lots of movement in the adoption account this summer, both in and out. I know the Lord will provide a way for us to bring our son home to his family.

IMG_20150502_083312609 IMG_20150502_083347416_HDR IMG_20150502_083309039 IMG_20150502_083306294

here’s to hoping that all we have left isScreenshot 2015-05-04 at 1.54.10 PM


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