Adoption is a process. It usually involves lots and lots of waiting, estimating, hoping, and more waiting. We have a long wait ahead of us.

When people ask us when we expect to go get our son, for the longest time, we’ve been answering that we hope to travel sometime in September. We’ve been giving that answer for so long that I can’t really remember how we arrived at that timeframe. My guess is we were looking at all of the estimates for how long each stage would take, and imagined us being at the shorter end of every range. September has been a good month for us, generally (we were married in September, moved into our home in September), and it just seemed right that we’d be doing our next big thing as a family during that month.

In the scheme of things, we’re still in the early stages of this adoption process, and the few stages we have passed weren’t really on the quick timelines we were hoping for. Our preapproval took longer than the estimates we were given. Our home study took longer to get finalized than anticipated, and now we are still in the wait for our i800A approval (though we are still within the estimated time frame of 2-3 months.) As I pulled our timelines back out and started doing some calculations, I’m realizing that it’s very unlikely that we’ll be traveling in September after all. It’s not impossible, as waits are pretty unpredictable at some points, but based on the estimates we were given by our agency, it’s highly improbable.

I am still hopeful and expectant for September. I know that God has a plan, and I am trusting in his timing. That being said, I am still praying that we can go to China in September. I know our God can move mountains, and if it takes Him giving us a miracle, I will ask and ask and ask. Chris and I have a weekly countdown on our calendars. It currently counts down to the last day in the month of September. As of today, that gives us 24 weeks. 

Now, I know we can’t rush God, and that this is completely out of our hands. I’m definitely guilty of trying to get the Lord on my timeline, time and time again. So I want to be clear (this is more of a reminder to myself) that I trust Him, and have faith that He will fulfill His promises in His time.  I will rejoice no matter when we get to bring our boy home. That being said… Would you please be praying with us? Please ask that the Lord shows up in a big way for us, and gets us on the road (or in the skies!) to our boy in the next 24 weeks!  We would appreciate it and would love to be able to have “September” be a testimony as part of our family’s story. We know He is able. And no matter what, we know our story is being written by His hand and will be perfect. But in the meantime, as we wait, we hope!



*this font is called “give you glory”. I thought it fitting. 🙂


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