Convos With My Two Year Old.

Have you ever watched Convos with my Two Year Old on Youtube? You should subscribe to the channel. It is hilarious and has been providing me with weekly entertainment and belly laughs for years.

It’s gotten to the point, now, with Austin, that I could probably start taping some of my own shows. Here’s a very brief snippet of a recent conversation we had one evening when Austin sees me pulling out pots and pans.

Austin: “I don’t want breakfast.”

Me: “That’s cool. Because we’re having dinner. I’m making pasta.”

Austin: “I don’t want pasta. I want grits.”

Me:“-wait, what..??”

I cannot wait for more of this. He says full sentences, now. “I don’t like those pants, Mama.” His personality is really starting to come forth too, and he is nothing, if not entertaining. I’m sure I’ll have more segments for you soon.


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