(Belated) First Friday Funding Figures – Update #6, March 2015

Things have been hectic around here. We’re both busy at work, we traveled to Raleigh last weekend, we’re ramping up to start our auction in  couple of days, and we’ve had house issues, as well as family health issues… This funding update is tardy. My bad.

It’s also getting late, and I need to get my hiney in bed. So, real quick. This month’s numbers aren’t a huge change from last month’s. We haven’t didn’t have any fundraising opportunities in February, and had toned down asking for donations for a couple of reasons. 1- we applied for a couple of grants, so are hoping that we are provided for in that way, and 2- we are planning our Auction for March and GINORMOUS yard sale for April. It looks like we’ll have the whole summer to fundraise and save, so we are taking a littlebreather. We’re sure your facebook feed appreciates it, too.

With the weather warming up, we really just want to make sure to have some good, quality time with our friends and family. We went to Raleigh last weekend to visit Chris’ sister, her husband, and their new babies (twins!), and will probably be headed down to Myrtle Beach (or possibly Charleston) to spend some time with his parents.

I’m not going to say much more about these figures. We’re slowly getting there, but still have a ways to go.

unnamed (6) unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)

So, we are still about $16,800 short of what we think we’ll need. But we know the Lord will provide! We are still saving, and I’m not even sure I updated that number anywhere here… forgive me for not double checking. I barely had time to grab these charts, and it’s way past my bedtime. Next month’s numbers should be more accurate, and much different if our auction goes well! So, stay tuned!

As always, thanks for following our journey, and thanks for your support!


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