Sending Stuff!

We have been working on putting together a care package to send to our waiting child in China for a long time. We are able to use the services of a woman named Helen, in China, who shops and sends packages on our behalf, and have done that once already, but we really wanted to send him something that we put together. We had already started thinking about it before we were in contact with that lady.

Actually, as soon as we said “yes” to adopting our boy, we started looking for a way that we could create a personalized board book. We wanted to send him pictures of our family that would last being looked at repeatedly until we could get him. It was hard to get pictures of all of the family members we were trying to include, and with a high enough resolution for the book. Nowadays, we are all texting pictures and downloading images from Facebook, and the like, which has a reduced quality, so lots of what I had on hand, or sent to me, wouldn’t work. We finally got it done, and paid for rushed shipping, only to find out that Helen would not be able to ship anything to the orphanage for a few weeks out of the month of February due to Chinese New Year. It was disappointing, but gave us more time to prepare our shipment. My grandparents had been helping me to translate all of the family “titles” for the book, and we wanted to fill our box with all kinds of good things not only for our boy, but also his nannies and friends.

This week, one of my coworkers who speaks and writes Mandarin, translated a letter from us to the orphanage staff, and also took care of the  translations in our photobook. She was so sweet to do that for us, and it made us very happy. I know the translation is more concise, but here is the gist of the letter, in our original words:

Dear Director and Nannies (Mrs. Y****** & Mrs. L******, and others),

Thank you so much for all of the love and care you have given Z*******. We are eagerly looking forward to adopting him into our family, and we are honored that we will be parents to this wonderful little boy. We cannot thank you enough for the care you have shown him.

Please accept the enclosed treats for the caretakers and children. We appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to helping these orphans have a good place to live and grow. We want to take good care of you as you have done for them. We have enclosed the following items: 2 bottles of children’s vitamins, 5 “indestructible” books, friendship bracelets, a bag of lollipops, ginger candies, tea biscuits, assorted fruit and mint flavored candies, chocolates, a soft ball, and a light up toy. You can look forward to receiving another package from us before we come to get Z******. Thank you for all you have done for Z****** and his friends.

Along with the items for your staff and children, we have some items just for Z*****. We have created a book about our family for him so that he will know who we are. Please give it to him and let him know that we are all very excited to meet him. We would also like Z***** to have some familiar items that he can use now, and bring home with him when we come to get him. The first item is a security blanket that we hope will bring him comfort.  Z*****’s popo has sent him a hat from our local basketball team. His younger brother has one just like it, and we are including a photo of him wearing it so you that can show Z*******. We cannot wait to bring him to a basketball game! Lastly, we are enclosing a notebook in this package so that you can write stories about Z******, letters to him, or anything that you feel may be important for him to know in the future. We will share this notebook with him when he is older.

We hope you have been able to take pictures of Z*****’s life and save them on the jump drive we sent earlier this year. Those photos will be kept with his journal, and we’re sure they will mean a lot to him someday. Thank you for your help in making his transition as easy as possible.

We will forever be grateful for all you have done and continue to do. We look forward to traveling to China to bring Z****** home as soon as possible.


Alicia & Chris Martin

** The enclosed friendship bracelets were sold in order to raise funds to help with this adoption, and these were purchased especially for you. Our family wears ours every day.

Here is the translated letter and book, and the rest of the care package.



So, the box got packaged up and is on its way today! We are hoping and praying that it makes it to China safely, and that Helen has no issues getting it over to our son’s orphanage. When all is said and done, I’m kind of glad that the package was only shipped now. Since he got a package from us already, and we will probably only send one more before we travel (it’s not cheap, and we’re saving all we can to go get him!), it’s better that these are a little more spaced out. I realize this probably does more for our waiting hearts than his, but I still hope he gets these items and that he and his friends and nannies enjoy them.

That is not all that was mailed today… We also sent 12 of 13 of our required dossier documents to our agency to begin being authenticated. And a handful (quite literally!) of checks to go with them. And so, now we wait. If I thought we had been waiting before, I am really in for a reality check. From this point on there is not much else we can do to move things along. Aside from a fingerprint appointment, and sending an immigration approval on to our agency once it’s received, the big paperchase is over for us until we are ready to apply for our visas. We literally just wait. And pray. And wait. And pray some more. We are constantly praying over this adoption. We are covering our boy in prayer, as well as the hands of the folks who are caring for him, handling our mail, and the folks who are supporting us. We appreciate your prayers as well.


“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12


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