19 days (1/25)

****this is a post that I wrote during our wait for PA. There will be others to follow from the days we were waiting. *****


Before we submitted our LOI, we had requested an update from our future-son’s orphanage. It was 12/18 when we asked for pictures and video, measurements, and answers to some questions we had about his life, health, and personality. After a few weeks, we asked our caseworker to check on the request…. But we still had nothing. Finally, Friday (1/23), we got the information we had asked for.

When we saw his file the first time, it had a few pictures of him. We got some photos from friends we’ve made (you can read about that here), and were sad and happy to see that he has grown so much! It’s hard to know that your child is growing up without you… With this update from the orphanage, we got our first video of him! It was just a video of him eating an orange, walking, and sharing a piece with his friend. It’s not even a minute long, but it is so special to us. He didn’t speak in it, so I still don’t know what his voice sounds like, but I just loved watching him. Austin does, too! I don’t think he understands what’s happening yet, but he knows who this boy is, and asks to watch the video all the time. Over and over and over. I’m happy to comply. 🙂 We’ve asked Austin if he wants to meet him, if he wants us to bring him here, if he wants to play with him and share food and toys with him. He always answers “yes” without any hesitation. But when we asked if he wanted to share his room with him… he said “no.” haha. This will be interesting! We haven’t decided on the room sharing thing, yet, but it was still funny to hear that response after a string of “Yes”.

All of the orphanage’s answers to our questions confirm things we had wondered about, and put some of our fears at… a higher state of ease. There’s still just so many unknowns, but we just feel so much better armed with what information they’ve given us. Austin’s soon-to-be-older-brother is much shorter than him, haha. I wonder if he’ll have a growth spurt once he’s in our home and having a large variety of foods to eat.

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 1.23.36 PM

He is just so beautiful, and I can’t wait to bring him home.


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