I am squealing inside right now.

Our Agency has a website where some waiting children are listed, and there is a page called “I’m Coming Home”. Guess who got moved to that page today!

Coming Home Header

He is Coming Home He was listed as “Becket” on the Agency website. Cute, right? But we have another name chosen for this little one. I’ll be writing about that, soon.

As I scrolled through this page, I saw lots of faces of kids I’d been praying for, and also some that new friends (through the wonders of Facebook) are adopting. I made sure to send them all notes to make sure they looked at the list to see for themselves! I was so happy to see so many faces I recognized on this list! It just made me so happy! You guys. My son is no longer on the “Waiting Child” list. He’s on the “I’m Coming Home” list. Squeeeeeee!

In addition to that fun news, I just ordered our first care package to be sent to our little boy! Yippee! Our agency works with a lady in China who has a list of things you can choose to purchase, and she gets them to your orphanage for you. It’s fast, and easier than dealing with customs and stuff. She will also send a picture of all the items to you so that you can see what’s going out. She offers translation services, package forwarding (which we will be using soon!), birthday parties for the kids, clothes, books, photo albums, jewelry, and toys, as well as treats for the nannies. We are sending a warm hat kit, a xylophone, a disposable camera (in hopes that his nannies will fill it with pictures for us to treasure!), and some treats for his nannies. I am so excited about this! I hope he is told that these gifts are from us and that they are sent with lots of love!

There are also socks and sweaters that can be donated to the orphanage. If anyone is interested in donating towards those items when we send our next package, please let me know, and I would be so happy to make sure that happens! And since we’re talking about donating… let me just leave this link right here.

I know these are small things, in the scheme of things, but I am so excited about both of these things, and wanted to share! Happy Wednesday, y’all!


3 thoughts on “Squeeeeeeee!

  1. So excited for you! My wife and I are just beginning the journey ourselves, also looking for a little boy from China. I do have a question. Does the lady you mentioned have a website? We will probably use another agency and would like to have this resource available.

    • I’m so glad to hear you are looking for a boy in China! I hope you will follow our journey, and that we can be of help to you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, and know that if you look, you will find an abundance of resources, forums, and groups dedicated to China adoptions. I do not have a website for this lady, as I got her information directly from our agency, but I do know of a few other companies that do this. If you do a quick internet search, you will find Red Thread China, Blessed Kids, and LadybugsnLove, to name a few. China Adopt Talk and other forums would be a great place to ask, too, as people can tell you of their experiences with the folks they used. Best wishes to you!

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