this is taking too long (1/20)

****this is a post that I wrote during our wait for PA. Which we got YESTERDAY! So, I’m sharing now. There will be others to follow from the days we were waiting. *****


We’ve been on this road of adoption for a long time.

I knew this was part of God’s plan for us, and so, as we started this process, I just had this feeling that things would “fall into place” and “go smoothly.” If you’ve been following our story at all, you know that smoothly (or quickly) has not been the case for us at all. After starting down the road to a domestic adoption through our home state, we were blessed with a beautiful biological son, who we love so much. We hit the pause button, and resumed when he was 6 months old. Then, we were told that domestic adoption would take us forever and to try another route. We decided to go international, selected an agency, and set our eyes toward China. While our hearts were pulled toward China, we were not feeling content about our agency. So…we switched agencies, and love the one we are currently with. Then we were told that our circumstances limited us to “special focus”, which was not the path we thought we wanted to take…..  There was a lot. A lot, a lot.

And then, in December, we found our boy.

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 9.11.36 AM

We tried to write a letter of intent (LOI) while our caseworker was on vacation for Christmas, hoping she would get it and submit it as soon as she saw it in her inbox. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way, and there was more that had to be done before it could be submitted. Finally, on 1/07/15, our LOI was submitted. We were told it would be 1-2 weeks to get our Preliminary Approval (PA), but I’d heard of folks getting them within 24hours. I just knew that since we’d been on this road for so long, and that since God wanted to unite this child with his family, that it would be a quick turnaround. I secretly hoped we would get PA on my birthday, which was 1/12. Well… today is 1/20. Tomorrow we will be at two weeks since our LOI was submitted. I honestly never thought that we would be the unlucky ones who were at the lengthy end of the waiting period. But here we are… still waiting. It’s agonizing, the wait. I’m trying to learn to be patient. I know that the Lord’s plan is greater than my own and that His timing is perfect. It doesn’t make the wait any less hard.  But what can I do….?

As much as I know that getting our PA will just lead to more paper chasing and waiting as we have this Acronym Parade, I just need to see those two little letters. I want to shout out to the world that we have a son! But for now, I keep it to myself… and hope, and pray.


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