A Labor of Love

This post is for my hubby. He is wonderful, and I (usually) adore him. (I’m working on getting a strikethrough to replace those parentheses, but for now, I just have to be honest with myself and you, and be comfortable even admitting that it’s not an all the time feeling.) 🙂

Chris has this wonderful entrepreneurial spirit, and is always looking to improve things- from products, to processes, to his very way of thinking and doing. He’s owned a few businesses and always has his eyes open for his next opportunity. Both of us have been hoping and praying that one day he would find something that he loves, and find a way to make a business out of it.

Well, for the last year and a half, Chris has been working on something that he’s excited about. I’m excited about the fact that he’s excited, and that things are coming together in a very real way. He loves disc golf, and tries to get me to enjoy it, too. He wants to introduce the sport toe everyone and grow the interest around it. He’s always excited to meet other people who play, and loves improving his mastery of the sport. We can finally share what he’s been working so hard on for these past 18 months or so.

A trackable disc golf disc. I don’t play the sport, I admit, but even so I think what he’s trying to do is very cool! He’s been working with a team to develop a disc that flies well, and also contains a tracking device that can pair with an app on your cell phone. This app will help you recover lost discs, map courses, keep score, and tell you the flight characteristics of your throw. I think that’s pretty awesome, and i know I am not doing it justice.

Anyway, his project is about halfway through it’s Kickstarter campaign. Please check it out and share it with your friends! We’d appreciate you getting the word out so that we can see this labor of love come to be a reality for him. Thanks!


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