First Friday Funding Figures – Update #4, January 2015

You thought I was gonna let another FFFF pass without a post, didn’t you?

Things have been crazy around here. Crazy good. My grandparents are in town, we’ve had lots of time together, no work for many days, and hurrying to finish up adoption paperwork. Myrtle Beach, Christmas, Austin’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, New Year’s…. our days have been jam packed.

I will have to try to post again soon, to recap all of the sparkly, singing, eating, present opening fun. It’s been full of joy and good things. We are incredibly, incredibly blessed. But for now, numbers.

We haven’t made any payments to our agency this month, as we buckle down and get documents notarized, pictures gathered, interviews done, and letters written. So, these first few images of our cost breakdowns are the same as in our last update. Next month, these figures should start changing as we finish up our home study, hopefully have log-in fees and orphanage partnership fees paid. You read that right… but more on that on a later post!

image003 (1)

Now for the exciting numbers. Lots has happened this month. Fist of all, Austin’s new Daycare has been selling some bracelets for us, and we are seeing money trickle in from that. It’s wonderful to think that Austin’s school family is helping him to grow his home family, too. Chris sold his house just a couple of days ago. We had been renting it out for a few years, and every rent payment went into a “landlord account”. All expenses (mortgage, maintenance, etc.) for the property came out of that account as well, but after all those were paid and we closed on the home, we had a whopping $3,651 that we could transfer into our Adoption Savings. Woot woot!

I finally grabbed the cash back figures for our credit cards. This month, we deposited $295 from those cards (over several months worth of statements) into our adoption account. How sweet is that?! We’ve also received some large donations towards our Puzzle Project, and are watching those figures grow. Now that we have our puzzle, we will start posting pictures as it gets put together. Hopefully, in addition to the fun of it, people will want to see our finished puzzle and contribute to the project. I can’t wait. OK, so here are those numbers.

image001 (7)

So, using $36k as our estimated total cost to bring our child home, we are at about 43% funded! That is super exciting! I’m hoping these next few months have lots of exciting updates, and bring us so much closer to being a family of four. We will probably not have our yard sales for a couple of months, but we are still collecting furniture, toys, clothes, decor, (and even a treadmill) to help raise sales when they come. I’m hoping we can get in some more UNCC games and lots more bracelet and puzzle piece sales to help us grow these numbers quickly. Once our home study is completed, we can start applying for adoption grants, too. We have lots of work ahead of us, but we are looking forward to seeing all the ways we can work to get this adoption funded!

We are incredibly thankful for all of the people in our lives who are with us on this journey. Your hopes, prayer, and donations mean more to us and our family than you could ever know. We thank the Lord for you every day, and hope you’ll stay with us on this journey. We love you!


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