and I Thought We Were Creative.

I read adoption blogs. Not because I love to cry, but because I look to see what it has been like for others in the process. It’s helpful for me to know that the things we are going through have been endured by many families before us. It’s helpful to have some idea of things to expect.

Almost all of these blogs say something about how the amount of money adoption takes is enough to scare people away from the pursuit of adoption. They talk about God showing up for them in huge ways as they raise funds for their adoptions. It is really cool to see how God doesn’t let something so little as money disrupt his plans. It’s only money. It’s only money. But one thing that I see on all these blogs, is how people are using their talents and uniqueness to help raise funds. One family used the father’s epic beard to raise thousands of dollars. One woman baked cakes. We are friends with a family who used photography to raise funds. It’s so cool to see these gifts and talents being used in this way, and leaves me wondering why Chris can’t grow an epic beard, or why I can’t be a stay at home mom who has time to work on her baking skills… What can we do? What can I do?

I’ve always considered myself to be relatively crafty and creative, but I’ve got nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. My Etsy shop has sold very few items to help with this, so I’m not going to pour any more time into it. I need some ideas of fun ways to raise money that are a reflection of who we are. I suppose I could put Chris on a street corner with some flattened cardboard boxes and make him dance for loose change. Haha. (I am only kinda kidding here….) If only someone would pay me to sip coffee, read, and eat… 😉


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