Two posts in one day?! Was that a pig that just flew by my window…?

I am eating a big bowl of delicious jook (congee), made with the carcass of our (well, my mom’s) Thanksgiving turkey… and I’m realizing that my some-day child probably had a bowl of this before he or she went to bed tonight, and will probably have it again in the morning (maybe without the meat.)

This dish, which I love, but don’t make often enough, is probably the most common source of nourishment for kids in Chinese orphanages. They have it 3-5 meals a day, sometimes with meat/veggies, sometimes without. Sometimes with milk/formula. Sometimes with fruit. But congee. All the time. Chances are they don’t complain, because they don’t know any different. They don’t realize how much more is out there.

Can you imagine? What if your child’s daycare or school gave them the same thing to eat at every meal. Something that is lacking in nutritional value. Watered-down rice. I can’t stand to think that our someday child will be out there, eating nothing but this, (delicious as it is), until we get them, many months from now. Gah.

I can’t wait to bring that child home.

And let me just say, that I am thankful that our someday child is in a place where he gets that much, little as it seems. I thank the Lord that this much is provided for my child, who was once abandoned and alone, with nothing, much less constant meals.

I wonder if our someday he or she will still enjoy this dish after they are home with us. I hope they don’t loathe it, because I always make it after thanksgiving, and at least once or twice throughout the year. Honestly, with the saving we’re trying to do, maybe I should make it more often! Doesn’t get much cheaper than rice!


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