Some Updates

This post is going to be all over the place. I have pictures that I should have posted weeks ago, but I’ve been working all hours, and honestly have put lots of other things before my blog. And that’s ok. It’s not the way to be a good blogger, but I have a life to live, and I am going to live it! 🙂

So, the last UNCC Football event, was another chance to raise some adoption funds, and our good friend Steve tagged along for it. It was a good time, and I enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers. I got to work as a cashier alongside Chris, this time. He’s a hard worker! Who knew! 😉

silliness. always silliness.

silliness. always silliness.

holy corndog!

holy corndog!

I started a new women’s group at church, and am enjoying getting to know these women. We meet at the neighborhood right next to mine. Next week, while Chris is out of town, the ladies will be meeting at my house. Love that they were flexible enough to shift so I could take care of Austin and still have some fellowship! Love these ladies already!

Last week we made another quick trip to the beach. We enjoyed the beach, and enjoyed the family time. I’m so glad we were able to squeeze in another trip before the summertime weather fades away.


I can’t remember if I shared that we have applied to another adoption agency, and are feeling really good about it. The communication so far has been great, and they really try to equip you as parents, so that you are better prepared for some of the things that come along with an adoption. We’ve been talking with our case worker, and feel like they will really be working with us and for us here. I’m excited to be getting the ball rolling again (yet again!). I’m also realizing that we have a short 12-15 months to raise a LOT of money. So we need to tighten our belts and kick the fundraising into high gear. I foresee a yard sale in the not too distant future. I know I missed a First Friday Fundraising Update, but I need to revamp it now to fit the new agency. There will be an update in November.

Speaking of fundraising, the Chosen Charlotte race is just 8 days away! My new work schedule/commute has really put a damper on my running, but I’m excited to do what I can at this race with our team! I’m also looking forward to meeting adoptive families and their supporters. I think we’ll be able to make some good connections. And I’m hoping that will start tonight! We are hosting a BBQ dinner for the adoptive families who are running the race. I think at least 5 families will be joining us. I’m really hoping we can share stories, form friendships, and be able to support each other through our adoptions and beyond.


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