First Friday Funding Figures – Update #2, August 2014

It’s the first Friday of the month. So, that means time for an adoption fund update! This month most of our fundraising has been focused on Threads of Hope, as well as a few events that are coming up. Our Chosen Marathon team, weMartinsAdopt, is growing, and we are about to volunteer at our first UNCC Football game this weekend! So, even though those line items are blank, they should have numbers in them soon! And the interest/cash back line item is one I always forget to grab, so I’ll have to update it a little bit later.

We are still working though some details on our contract with the agency, so would appreciate your prayer around that. Praying that we can come to an agreement quickly and smoothly from this point out. I’ve been feeling rather anxious about how long this is already taking just to get things moving. So prayer for a calming of my heart would be awesome as well. Thank you!

So first, the Color Key and Fees. Not much has changed here.


image001 (3)

image002 image003


and here is how much we have raised:

image001 (5)


So, again using $34k as our estimated cost, you can see that we are at about 22% funded! That’s a big jump from July, and we are extremely thankful. Selling my townhouse gave us a big boost, so I’ll have to remember that I won’t see the numbers grow that much from month to month, but I am hoping we can just keep that forward momentum with our fundraising.

We are grateful for all of the fundraising opportunities we’ve been given, and for the generous and supportive hearts of our friends. You are making more of an impact than you think. Trust me on that one. And THANK YOU!


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