Threads of Hope

I meant to get this post written way earlier in the day, but I kept getting caught up in stuff, and it is just now happening.

Yesterday evening, I went out to get the mail, and there was a package crammed in my mailbox. I brought it inside and ripped it open to find a thousand colorful friendship bracelets!  Aren’t they gorgeous!?

WP_20140819_013 WP_20140819_014 WP_20140818_003 WP_20140818_004

Chris and I are working with Threads of Hope to raise money for our adoption. Threads of Hope is a livelihood project that brings help and hope to families at risk in the Philippines. These beautiful, hand-made bracelets are made by men, women, and children living in impoverished areas in the Philippines. Making and selling them provides life-sustaining income for many families, and has fostered a new sense of hope within their communities. From the Philippines to us here in the US, all kinds of hope is being shared. Threads of hope sent us 1,000 of these bracelets on good faith. We are to sell them for $2/each or 3 for $5, and send them 50% of whatever we make. Any unsold bracelets can be sent back to them. But we get 50% of whatever we sell! Isn’t that awesome?

Chris and I sat down last night to pick out the ones we would wear everyday. We want to wear them to show them off and spread the word about what we’re trying to do. Let me tell you, it was hard to limit myself! I decided to pick out three that would show off some of the different styles of bracelets. Chris picked out a more masculine, neutral one.


Last night I posted pictures on Facebook, with a little info about the bracelets and the fundraiser. Just since then, (so about 24 hours ago), we have sold 44 bracelets, raising $96. That’s almost $100 on the first day! And I barely lifted a finger! I hope we can keep up this momentum! Then we can sell all of our bracelets, and maybe more! That will give us great joy and hope for our adoption, and will also be giving hope to these at risk families in the Philippines! Talk about Threads of Hope!!

WP_20140819_011 WP_20140819_006

One super awesome part about this, is that because a few people shared what we had posted, the first few sales we received were from people we’ve never met! They just loved the bracelets and wanted to support the causes that they are part of. How cool is that? Strangers promising to wear their bracelets to spread awareness and help us on our journey. And they even gave us a little extra- above and beyond the cost of the bracelets. Awesomeness!!!

If you would like to purchase bracelets for yourself or as gifts, they are only $2/each, or 3 for $5. You can send your payment by clicking the button below. Be sure to include your name, address, the number of bracelets you would like, and $0.49 for postage. Thanks!

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