Lake’n It

A while back there was an internet coupon for a pontoon rental, and  some neighbors decided to purchase it with us. It entitled us to four hours on Lake Norman, and we figured we could go just the four of us, or bring the kiddos, or bring more friends. It got tucked away until later in the summer.

Well, those neighbors moved away, sadly, and the coupon will be expiring soon. So we reached out to a few friends to see if anyone wanted to join us on the lack, and we booked our time. Unfortunately, when today rolled around, nobody could make it out to join us. Sad! But Chris and i decided to make a date of it. 

After a morning of working on the townhouse, doing some repairs that the inspector said should be fixed before closing, we headed up to the lake, just the two of us. We got there a little later than planned, but were going to make the most of the time. We came wearing our bathing suits, armed with Jersey Mike’s subs and Lime-a-ritas. And it was glorious.

WP_20140813_014 WP_20140813_013



The sun was shining, but there were beautiful puffy clouds providing cover intermittently. It wasn’t crazy hot, and the water was pretty quiet. I guess that’s the great thing about going during the middle of the week. It wasn’t crowded at all!WP_20140813_010 WP_20140813_012 WP_20140813_009

I even got in the water. Chris said my face looked like Austin’s when we pour water over his head in the bath. Lol. I mean, he is my child… But it wasn’t terrible. The water was warm enough, gentle enough, and I could handle it for a little while- even if I was clinging to the ladder on the back of the boat. All in all, I’m glad today worked out the way it did. With all of our business, Austin being sick, and Chris being away from home, this was exactly what we needed. We had a wonderful time jamming out to classic rock, pointing out amazing homes, and talking about our future. We have decided we would love to retire on a lake so that all of our kids and grandkids will make excuses to come and visit us. Hehe. If I sit still enough, I can still feel the motion of the boat rocking. And that is only after 3 hours on the boat. We’ll be going on a cruise at the end of the month for our friends’ wedding, and I’m sure I’ll feel that sensation for a week after that!


I loved it. The lake > the beach. Just my opinion. Once we docked (or whatever you call it) we rushed off to get Austin before 6, and went and shared a heaping plate of nachos at one of our favorite Mexican spots near home. All in all, GREAT day!! Now I am off to bed. Back to busy life tomorrow!


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