First Friday Funding Figures – Update #1, July 2014

I am going to start something new here, and am having a hard time coming up with a catchy title that really captures what this post is about. I’ve decided, since so many people are helping us to raise/save/make money to fund our adoption, that I should be very transparent with what our needs are, and what has come in and gone out. I think the first Friday of each month would be a good day to recap all that was done the prior month, and to date. A once-a-month update should be often enough to see some change, but not feel like I’m inundating you with numbers. Does that sound about right to you- once a month? 

Ok, well, now that we’ve figured that out. What should we call these first Friday updates? I thought, at first, “Fundraising Friday”. But, then I thought that sounded like it’s the day we are trying to raise funds, which is not true, as we are constantly trying to raise funds. Plus, it’s not just about fundraisers, but all the cash that is going toward this endeavor. So… then I thought about “Financial Friday”, which makes it sound like I work for a bank or something… (oh wait….) and also “Friday Funding”. And I think it’s starting to sound about right. Is it to much alliteration to say “First Friday Funding Figures” and then “-update#1,2,3, and so on? I think that is what I will go with, but I’m open to suggestions!

OK, so down to the nitty gritty. Since this is the first of these posts, I have a little bit of explaining to do, so bear with me as you read on! It may be a little long, but most of it will be in tables, so it’s not as long as it looks.image005

First, I will share with you the costs and figures for getting the “paperwork” completed in the states. This covers lots of different things, and the image below is current through July 31, 2014.

image001 (1)

Second are fees to China:


Next come the “etceteras”. They don’t go to the agency or to China, but to third parties involved.



And here are the total costs we are anticipating:



So, now that the costs of adoption are laid out, here is a breakdown of how we are getting help, so far. 


image007So, using $34,000 as our estimated cost, to date we have raised about 4% of what we expect to spend. We have a super long way to go! After I type this, I am not going to think about that number for the rest of the day, or I may get overwhelmed. ( I know that this is in the Lord’s plan, and that He will provide, but I am still human and stress out! ) Of course, most of the expense will probably come from our savings. So many people have donated money to us, or offered to host fundraisers on our behalf. So I’m sure those line items will be added over the next few months. There are also grants and interest free loans we are applying for. Also, I wanted to let you know that we are looking to switch our donation platform to one that does not charge us fees from the donations, and also allows donors to make their contributions TAX DEDUCTIBLE. That will be awesome, and as soon as we have the info, we’ll put it right here.

So that’s that! Thanks for taking the time to go over this post. I hope putting this out there helps those of you who were wondering/concerned about our needs are seeing that they are legitimate, and are more comfortable now that we are sharing this. Thanks to everybody for your continued support!


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