Mountain Vacay

We returned home last night from a 5 day mountain trip. MOUNTAINS! I love them. We had such a great time. My parents used some of their timeshare option to book a week at a resort in Banner Elk, NC. We escaped the Charlotte heat, relaxed, and enjoyed each others’ company. I have been itching to get up to the BLue Ridge Parkway, so this was wonderful for me. Now, I just have to make it during the early fall, when all the leaves are changing color.

During our trip we panned for gemstones (to Chris’ delight). I was kinda hoping we’d find a huge ruby or something, and be able to fund our adoption with it, but alas, no such luck. 🙂 We also visited Linville Caverns and Falls, Banner Elk Winery, Mystery Hill, and lots of good eateries. The “cabin” we stayed in was a two bedroom condo with a loft, kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms. Chris and I read to each other on the balcony one evening, sipping sweet red wine and munching on kettle corn. We paddle boated on the lake at the resort, brought Austin to the playground, and grilled chicken on site. We checked out a game called Imaginiff and played it while Austin was napping one day, while our chicken was roasting in the oven. Good times!






Austin kept us all entertained, by running around, eating like a champ, and learning new words. Much to my dad’s delight, Austin now knows him as “Goom-pa”. His new thing is finding things to make music with. One day it was a sample of toothpaste in a box that he was shaking and banging with, the next day it was a packet of raw sugar. He loves music and danced and watched videos of orchestras to his little heart’s content! The best thing, though, was when we were all in the kitchen/dining area. We were all doing different things, and it was kind of quiet. I was sitting at the table next to Austin, and I put my hand on his head, leaned near to his ear, and said , “I love you.” His response? “I louwoo.” Gah! My heart melted and I might have teared up a little. And everyone was there to hear it! After that, they all kept trying to get him to say it again, but he didn’t. That was reserved for  me. Hehehe.

We didn’t really have any agendas during the trip. We just got up and did things as we decided to. I worked out every morning, at the fitness room downstairs. Still working toward that 10 mile race- even on vacation! We watched movies, cooked, had good conversations, and laughed a lot. I watched more TV on this trip than I have in a long time, but mostly because it was on while I was working out, or just on in the Living room as we were going about our day. Chris and I worked on adoption paperwork one night after everyone had gone to bed. So… some of the same stuff we do at home, but in a different environment.


SInce my parents were so wonderful to let us join them, and we brought tons of food, we didn’t spend too much on this trip. Which is amazing considering we were gone for 5 days and got to do a bunch of stuff and spend so much quality time with family. I’m glad to be home, and feeling refreshed and happy! I am still glad that it’s only a two-day work week for me, though. 🙂 I hope we can do another trip like this again!


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