One Foot in Front of the Other

Our friends Mendy & David recently told me about the Chosen Marathon. It’s a group of races in different cities that benefit adoptive families & orphans worldwide. There is going to be a 10 mile race in Charlotte this coming October, in remembrance of the lives lost 10 years ago in a plane accident near Martinsville, Virginia. 100% of the registration costs for anyone who joins goes to the team they designate, to help raise funds for adoption. What a wonderful idea!

Now, I’m not a runner by any means. In fact, I have an extreme dislike of running. But, I have an extreme love of adoption. I know that God has placed adoption on our hearts and is directing us to grow our family through adoption. Extreme love > extreme dislike. So, I am going to set aside my personal feelings towards running, stop making excuses, lace up my running shoes, and hit the pavement. I have 13 weeks to train for this. I am crazy. And I am determined. I created a team, WeMartinsAdopt, registered, and signed up Chris, too.

So this will be good! The registration costs for the two of us will go right back to our fund, so even though we are trying to save every penny to bring our child home, we could feel good about signing up for this. And it will be good for our bodies. I need to get in shape. Like, need to. So this is extra motivation for me. Who knows, maybe when this race is done, I Will have turned a new leaf and will actually enjoy running…. Yeah… we’ll see! ha. I’ve done 5ks in the past with friends, and had a good time doing it, just because of the time spent with friends and people supporting the same cause. So, I’m hoping that we can build a team, raise some money, and have a really, really good time. I’m actually excited about this! I’ll keep you posted as I train and as our team (hopefully) grows. And, of course, I’ll let you know how the race goes come October 18th. Please be in prayer that we would persevere through training, remain uninjured, and be able to run this 10 mile race and raise some funds for our adoption. Thank you!


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