Second Cousins

My cousin, Chrissy is in town with her beautiful family. It’s rare that we get together, so I was happy to hear they would be ending their road trip in our hometown. Last night we got together at my parents’ house for dinner. Her two daughters were feeding and playing with Austin, and he loved chasing after them and playing with them. 


Naila & Briyana are sweet, smart girls, with lots of energy. I totally wish we lived closer together so we could all get together more. I loved watching Austin with them. He was so into what they were doing, and wanted to be part of the fun.

Mark (who belongs to Chrissy and the girls) brought his trumpet with him, and played a piece for us. Actually, he was playing for Austin, but we all got to enjoy it. Afterwards, he let Austin touch the trumpet, and get to know the instrument. I have some awesome video of Mark playing, and Austin standing there in awe. Then he suddenly starts tapping his feet and dancing and clapping. The girls dance with him, and everyone is laughing and enjoying the moment. It was really cool.I just know Austin is going to be a musician, and he keeps getting introduced to talented people and different types of instruments. I wonder which he will choose to take up… 



I’m looking forward to getting together with everyone together this evening. My brother should be there, too, this time. Can’t wait! 🙂


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