A Fun Long Weekend

I know this post is a bit tardy, but we got home late on Monday, and I had lots to catch up on yesterday. Then today, I had to go work uptown, and had some family time (I’ll post about that- hopefully tomorrow). This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write.

Last Thursday, we had planned to work, and then head out to Myrtle Beach at the end of the day. That way we could have a full Friday down there, and make the most of the time we had. We were taking Monday off, too, so this was to be the longest getaway we’d taken in a while. Well, Thursday Morning, we got a call from the daycare that Austin was sick, so he came home. We ended up finishing our work up early and heading out mid-afternoon. THat was nice, because we were able to get into the beach early enough to have dinner with Chris’ parents, which made the trip seem even longer and more full. Unfortunately, we were all a little under the weather for the first couple of days.

This extra-long weekend was jam packed with family and fun. We ate lots of good food and had lots of laughs. Friday, after spending the morning at Chris’ grandparents’ house, we tried to nap, and then headed out to the Market Commons, where there was a “block party” going on. We ate and walked around, and finally ended up in front of the stage. Once we were in earshot of the band, Austin headed that way, twisting, and dancing, and clapping, and smiling. Once he found the stage, though, he was stuck! He planted himself in front of the band and was absolutely mesmerized. The band was awesome about it, and brought him up on stage to bang on the drums. They even gave him a drumstick to keep. It was awesome, and everyone was watching with smiles on their faces.

After that, we stopped by our favorite beach bar to say hi to our friend who bartends there, and then we made our way out to the beach. It was amazing. The beach was full of families and friends having a great time. There were sparklers and glow sticks everywhere, and patriotic music playing. Folks were hanging out on the balconies of the hotels along the beach, and you could see fireworks in every direction. Austin fell asleep in the stroller, so we didn’t really get a reaction from him when the fireworks went up. Oh well. Maybe next year. It was still warm, and full of fun energy, and Chris and I got to hold hands on the beach with our sleeping kiddo, surrounded by squeals, laughter, and colors shooting across the sky. Doesn’t get any better than that. Except, maybe coming back in the future with a bigger, somewhat older brood. And maybe friends.

Saturday was spent mostly with family, but Chris and I did get a chance to leave Austin with his grandparents and go have dinner. It was as touristy a dinner as we could get- at Medieval Times! We were cheering for the blue knight, who was very good, but alas, was not the night’s victor. We had fun, though. The food was good, and everyone around us was into it, which made it more fun.We had a great time.


Sunday, I got to get to know some of Chris’ family that I had never met before. We actually went and visited Brenda at her job on Saturday, but Sunday we could hang out more and meet uncle Mac. Chris’ parents took us out to eat at Cracker Barrel (one of my guilty pleasures!) where we met and talked – getting to catch up/get to know each other, laugh at Austin’s silliness, and chow down. It was great. That evening, we made the most of our built in baby sitters again. Chris and I went out to hear some live music at the Boathouse, which is somewhere we try to stop on every summer visit. 1ga5GD.AuSt.78When we got back, Austin was having a great time running around and being tickled. He was riled up and squealing at the top of his lungs, and collapsing in giggles and hearty belly laughs. Love.

Monday was a beach day, before saying goodbye to everyone and hitting the road. It was lovely.



Aaaannndd…. That was our extra long weekend in a nutshell. I’m tired. Hitting the sack. Nitey nite.


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