Alicia and the Beanstalk

Back in May, I posted about starting my summer garden and all the planting I had been doing around our home. This is the first veggie garden I have planted here, since moving from California 10 years ago. Ok, I did attempt one late last summer, but that doesn’t count. Now that I have paid more attention to the season, zones, and all that gardening stuff, it’s for real this time. I was looking back at that post, and smiling over my little shoots and sprouts. Look what they’ve become!




sunflowers, arugula, cilantro



My beanstalks are so tall you can see them from the family room window- even after I snipped them shorter!

WP_20140628_007 WP_20140628_011


I had scattered marigold seed in a corner of the garden, and they never came up. But I started seeing something growing all over the rest of the garden. I assumed my marigold seeds had been blown around, so I let them grow. Weeks later, I realized these were tomato plants, and they were everywhere! lol. Oopsie. I have no clue how that happened.

I think I mentioned before that I had put some green onion roots in a jar of water in my windowsill, after I had cut the green stalks and cooked with them. Well… they’re growing!



And remember my scraggly butterfly bushes? They are filling out, thankfully. I guess we need to make sure we cut them back in the winter. I also think we will be moving them from the spot at the front of the yard, and replacing them with something that will stay green all year. I love them, though, and want to make sure wherever they end up, we’ll be able to see them and admire all the butterflies they attract. See! THey are doing much better- just ignore the super lush grass. 🙂



So… what do you think? Green thumb??? huh, huh? Have I got one??


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