Crazy Good

As Memorial Day weekend was approaching, Chris and I were keeping our fingers crossed that our uncommonly clear calendar was going to stay that way. With all the meetings and goings-on around here lately, a three-day weekend with nothing on the agenda sounded uh-maaaa-zing. I had visions of trips to the park, and getting fro-yo, and lazy afternoon naps in my head. I saw me in a hammock… I don’t know where, but I saw it. Ha.

Well, looking back, we had a jam-packed weekend after all. It wasn’t crazy busy, but packed with good things. Productive things. Necessary things. We have a good time, this little family of ours. We get things done, have lots of fun, and keep on doing what we need to do. Before I launch into a rundown of the weekend, look! Our gardenias are blooming! And they smell wonderful.



Friday night, Chris was playing a game with some neighbors, so Austin and I headed to my parents house for dinner and fun. I tried on lots of dresses and shoes from my mom’s closet, and had a great time being girly with her. I found what I was looking for, and then some. I’ll have to remember to raid her closet for all upcoming occasions! Austin spent the night at my parents’ house because we needed to watch him the next morning anyway.

Saturday morning, Chris and I attended the viewing and funeral for a friend of ours. Charles had worked for Chris’ landscaping company some time ago. Charles was a wonderful man. He loved the Lord, and had so much wisdom and experience that he shared with Chris as they would work together, doing physical labor for hour upon hour on their jobs. We don’t see Charles or his family very often these days, but there are still times (and many) where something Charles once told Chris will apply to a situation or discussion, and he comes up in conversation and prayer. We’d get together for special occasions- bachelor parties, baby showers, and the like. Charles was a soccer player, missionary, and landscaper, but also wore many, many other hats. He was always smiling- and it was a beautiful smile. He loved seeing Chris and I wed, and was not shy to tell us that this was his greatest desire in life- to have a family of his own. We were happy to find out, just two years ago, that he had found “the one”. They just had a baby this past winter. And now he’s gone.

I do not mourn for him, because I know he is so happy and honored to be with the Lord that he loved so much. He is home. But I do shed tears for his newly formed little family. His widow and her son, and their new daughter. Unfortunately, we were waiting until after the service to speak with Felicia, his widow. The service ran over, and we had to hurry back to my parents to get Austin. We did not have a chance to attend the burial of our friend or speak with his wife. But we will get in touch with her and try to be more present in her life. It was a beautiful service, and lots of people came to show their respect. We will miss the random invitations to Nigerian parties, and his sunny smile.

After we picked up Austin, we went home so Austin could nap. Then we went to Lowes (where Austin had meltdown #1), and then ate outside on the patio at a local Mexican restaurant. An older gentleman who was waiting at the next table for his wife chatted with us, and told stories of when he his kids were young. It was really sweet and he was so friendly. It was a beautiful evening, so we walked around the fountain there for a few minutes after dinner. Austin was not happy when we decided it was time to head home, which caused meltdown #2. So there were a few times when we had frowns on our faces, but overall it was a great day.

Sunday, we did our normal routine for the first part of the day. After I attempted to cut Austin’s hair (it always takes several sessions for me to snip away at it because he won’t sit still), we attended the early service at church, and ran into some faces we’d been missing. Then we went over to the senior citizens home where we volunteer, and spent some time with different folks. Austin chased a beach ball as the seniors did physical therapy with it. Then he and his dad visited a couple that we always make a point to see, while I wheeled a woman named Mrs. Black outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. She was in a wheelchair, and had not gotten to go outside yet that weekend. We sat around and got to know each other. She told me about the vegetables and flowers the Girl Scouts came and planted, and we talked about what keeps us busy. She asked to see Austin, so I had to track the boys down, and I let Chris make his way to spend time with somebody else while I took Austin out to meet Mrs. Black. All of these folks love seeing Austin. He runs around stealing their canes, blowing kisses, and pointing to his nose. He loves the attention, and they love to give it.

After about an hour there, we went home to put Austin down for a nap. Chris met some friends for disc golf. So, I took one too. It wasn’t much, but it was so good to have a little midday rest. That never happens anymore, and we go-go-go so much that I need it more than ever! That evening, after Chris mowed and trimmed the back yard, our new(ish) neighbors came over to grill out with us. We made spiked freckled lemonade with the moonshine he brought over. I think my favorite quote of the weekend came from that night- “Nothing like a little moonshine between Christians.” Haha. It was fun spending time with them and getting to know them. She made a fantastic cobbler with local strawberries, and it was the perfect end to the meal. Chris and I ended up watching the old 1960s movie, Charade to end the night. What a fun day.

Monday morning I took a 90  minute hot yoga class. It was glorious. Then we filled up Austin’s one-man pool with water so it could warm up a bit. Chris got our rain barrel in place (finally- it’s been in our garage for at least two months) and I planted a few more seeds in the bare spots where others had either not come up or been damaged. As it was memorial day, I was sporting my red, white, and blue:


That afternoon some girlfriends came over and we grilled out. Austin splashed around in his little pool, and we had a laid back, relaxing afternoon.


After the girls left, we finally go to work on the bookshelf I’d been wanting to put up in Austin’s room. When I had first envisioned the nursery, my idea was to have two bookshelves on the wall in there. We received one as a gift, and never got around to putting another up. Well, I bought one with my birthday money….. in January, and it has been sitting in a box for months, while Austin has piles of books on the floor.


That was driving me nuts, and we finally had time, so I put the hubby to work! I pulled out some mega blocks to keep Austin occupied. They held his attention for a long time, and he got the hang of them pretty quickly.



Lately, Austin has been really interested in Daddy’s tools. So, when he was tired of the blocks, he was playing with daddy’s stud finder, twisting daddy’s screwdriver, and trying to steal both his hammer and his level. Hey- whatever keeps him busy. He’s learning new things all the time, and is fun to watch. It didn’t take too long before the shelf was up, and the room finally look so much more neat and organized! That made this mamma very happy. Austin likes that he can walk up to the shelf and pick out his books, too. He’s not tall enough to get them out, but he can point to them, and that is very cool for him.


Austin decided to commemorate the occasion with the pencil dad had been using to put up the shelf. Guess that’s a good spot to put a chalkboard, huh?


And that was our weekend. We wound down the day with a chapter or two from the Dresden Files, which is a pretty normal thing for us. Guess it was our way of getting back into “routine”. All in all, it was a busy weekend, after all. But, it was busy with friends, food, and productivity. Of course, though we managed to check things off our list, we added to it as well. For instance, we had bought touch up paint for Austin’s room this weekend, and they were having a huge paint sale…. so we got some for the master bedroom. I wonder how many months it will be before it’s on our walls…. I say three. What’s your guess?


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