Mother’s Day Weekend

We headed down to Myrtle Beach over Mother’s Day weekend. I know this post is long over due. Things have been busy around here, and I haven’t had a moment to sit down and write.

I had just returned from Florida from a work trip the Thursday night before we left for Myrtle, and we turned around and headed down Friday night. The 3.5 hour trip down put us getting in a little after midnight. I was tired. Really tired. But Austin woke up when we got there, and was excited, and AWAKE. So we let him run around as we unloaded the car and got settled in, but we did eventually sleep. Austin woke us bright and early on Saturday morning, and the weekend was under way.

We started Saturday morning the way we do every first morning of a Myrtle Beach trip- by meeting Chris’ parents at the Golden Egg for breakfast. A little later, we headed to our favorite beach bar and grill, where we hung out with an old friend. It was great to see him and catch up with him at his. Chris’ mom and sister joined us there. It was a beautiful day, and Austin was just taking in the sights and sounds. When we were leaving, I pointed out the ocean to Austin, who hasn’t seen it since he was about 5 or 6 months old. He promptly squirmed out of my arms and marched down the beach straight to the water. He let it wash over his feet and plopped right down in it. Yeah… we weren’t planning a beach day, and he was soaking wet. But he absolutely loved it. He was pointing, and smiling, and babbling non-stop. We ended the night with dinner at a Thai restaurant. It was good!

Sunday, we spent the day at Chris’ grandparents’ house. Chris made some veggies on the grill, his mom marinated some steaks which Chris grilled, too. There were baked potatoes and a chocolate tres leches for dessert. It was all so good! We really had a lovely time just sitting around catching up. We were entertained with old stories from Chris’ grandparents. Austin got to play the piano, and run around exploring. At one point, a rainstorm started, and we took Austin out to feel the rain. He was so excited and kept running back out in it. His wet clothes came off piece by piece as he ran, and splashed, and stomped in puddles. Chris’ cousins ended up joining, and they all just had good old, (wet!) fun. It was a blast to see.

with my babe wearing my Mother's Day gift- earrings! (I also got slippers and lots of flowers!)

with my baby wearing my Mother’s Day gift- earrings! (I also got slippers and lots of flowers!)

WP_20140511_003 WP_20140511_012

Monday morning, Chris and I took Austin to the beach, where he tested out the waters, and had fun feeling the sand. He picked up shells and waved to everybody he saw. We met another couple who had a little girl just a couple of weeks older than Austin, so we hung out with the three of them for a bit. When we left the beach, we went and had lunch with Chris’ parents, then went back to spend a little more time with Chris’ grandparents before hitting the road. We couldn’t stay long though, as Chris had a 6PM HOA meeting we needed to get back to. We did stop at Mcleod farms (we never pass it during business hours, so we had to stop!) and got some peach enchilada thingies. Yum! When we pulled into the neighborhood, I dropped Austin off at his meeting, and went home to unload the car. Austin got a hold of daddy’s long board while I was running in and out…

WP_20140512_014 WP_20140512_003


It was a very nice weekend, with lots of fun with family. The rest of the week has stayed busy, too. In short, Chris had his HOA meeting the night we got back (Monday), we had small group Tuesday night. Wednesday I gardened (there will be a separate post on that), Thursday night I picked up my parents from the airport and brought them back to our house for a bit. Friday, Chris had a meeting so Austin and I went our for frozen yogurt with one o f his classmates and his mom. It was awesome to get to spend a little time getting to know them. Today, Chris played disc golf with a friend in the morning, while Austin and I went to breakfast with a neighbor. Then we went to the local Italian Festival for lunch, where we ran into a bunch of neighbors and hung out. After that, Austin and Chris napped while I got crafty (yet another post, lest this get any longer!), we had dinner, went for a walk, and now Chris is giving Austin a bath. I can hear them singing and laughing and splashing upstairs. Phew!

I hope to just relax after the kiddo goes to sleep. It’s been non-stop around here, and I need rest!

irises and tulips from my boys, mini red roses from my in-laws, and multi colored roses from my parents (who were away in Italy.)

irises and tulips from my boys, mini red roses from my in-laws, and multi colored roses from my parents (who were away in Italy.)


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