Kick this Around


I hope this post finds you well! I’m adjusting to daylight savings time and enjoying the sunny weather we’ve been having. It’s been really lovely, and I will enjoy it as much as I can before it turns into a hot, sticky mess, here in Charlotte. Austin is in short sleeves today for the first time this year. I need to go find that kid some shorts and sandals pretty soon!
How many of you have ever heard of Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. People with ideas, great and small, can use this site to try to reach out to backers and get funding to start work on a project. Since their start in 2009, over $1 billion dollars has been pledged by more than 5 million people, which has led to over 50 thousand projects being funded. It’s a pretty cool concept. The basics of it are this: A person with a project sets a monetary goal, and then does their best to describe their vision and spread the word about what they’re trying to do. People pledge, and sometimes get rewards for their gift. If the project doesn’t make its goal by the end of their drive, the pledge amounts are never charged to the backer.
If you’ve never heard of it or checked it out before, or are just wanting to explore it a little more, here’s your chance. I am writing today because I have a couple of friends who are trying to do some really great things through this platform. I would greatly appreciate if you would check out their projects, watch their fun/creative/inspiring videos about their projects, and then of course, consider pledging to their them. I would love to see these projects come to life, and to see my friends succeed.
Meet Jacob. He is an amazing guy. He’s an extremely talented videographer, a fun and honest guy, a family man, and a lover of the Lord. I’m so glad to have him (and his beautiful family) as a part of my life. I can quite simply tell you that he and his crew have changed me. They’ve been open and honest with their lives and have led by example. They have been encouragers and helpers, and have been great friends to Chris and I, and many others. I would back just about anything this guy touched. And here is one way I am going to.
Now meet Clayton. He and I never met, but I know of him because of Jacob’s film about his life. 5 years after the film, I have heard about the people he reached and the life change he brought to them after his passing, and I want to know more. WIll you help Jacob to make another film that details “The Rest of Clayton’s Story”? Please visit the Kickstarter page for this project, that I know will be inspiring and touching. There you can learn about Clayton, and Jacob’s project. If it speaks to you and you’d like to see this project come to fruition, you can pledge to back the project.
7861765Another project that I’d love to see come to light is my friends Amanda and Paul’s Great NC BBQ Map. If you know me, you know I love good food, creativity, art. Well, this project will combine the three. Amanda and Paul have been touring over 300 eateries, from well-known establishments, to little hole in the wall spots, to find the best Carolina barbecue spots and put them on the map- literally. Their goal is to create a foldable map that you can keep in your car- for road trips or special circumstances, that plots over 200 spots to get the best Carolina BBQ. It will have a little history, and will be pleasing to the eye, too. You’ll want to have a copy in your car, but also on your wall, and maybe even on the wall of your favorite BBQ joint. Please check out their kickstarter page, and help her get the necessary funds to get this project off the ground. I’d love to be able to give this map as a gift, or be able to consult it as we head out-of-town. I do love some barbecue. Oh- and she and Paul have even promised to get a Pig tattoo if their biggest pledge goals are met. I’d love to see that, almost as much as the map!
Thank you so much for reading about my friends and their projects. I hope you’ll take the time to learn about what their trying to do. If you do, and you think the ideas are as awesome as I do, would you please consider making a pledge to help them meet their goals? And leave them a comment to let them know that you heard about them through me? And then perhaps pass their info along to anyone you think would be interested in what these guys are trying to do? I know they’d appreciate it, as would I.  I will be pledging to both of these projects later today, and am hoping and praying that I’ll be able to see the goals reached, and the projects completed.
Many, many thanks, y’all!

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