Family Valentines

One of our friends (and neighbors) invited us to make some Valentines for boys’ daddies this past weekend. It was something I have not done with Austin, yet, and it was fun! Let me tell you, our friend was a brave woman to let  a wiggly 6-month old and two mobile toddlers play with paint in her dining/play room. She provided paint, pens, paper, confetti, ribbon, and canvas.

It was last-minute, and I didn’t have time to scour the internets for fantastic ideas, but I think Austin’s canvas turned out pretty darn cute.


The plan was to slip it into Chris’ laptop bag on Thursday night so that he would get it when he arrived at work on Valentine’s day, but then I remembered- he’s taking the day off to spend with me! While Austin is at daycare, we are going to spend the day just the two of us, so we don’t have to pay a sitter or deal with crowds on Friday night. So then I thought I’d just sneak it in tonight, and he’d have it at work on Thursday. But we’ve been “snowed-in”, and Chris’ office will be closed tomorrow. Soooo, Daddy got an early gift from his little bitty Valentine. It came with a card:


The painting was fun, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to make some more things with his hand prints, so we made a couple more Valentines to send to our immediate families.



I just love them! I might keep one for myself…..


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