We keep going…and going…and going….

We should change our name from Martin to Energizer. As in batteries. Or more specifically, the bunny. I feel like we could be mistaken for a family of Energizer Bunnies, just drumming along, never ceasing. Except for the fact that I do get worn out, unlike said bunny. Here’s a glimpse into some of the things that have been keeping us so busy.

We’ve been doing a lot of yard work. We built a small retaining wall, and are going to back fill it, frame it with railroad ties, and make us a garden. Yeah, it’s kinda late in the season to be just getting started on this, but hey- better late than never!


the sloped side- before


some of the cinder block


Austin “hanging out”


half of the railroad ties

We are also preparing to lay a concrete slab, upon which we will place our shed. Once we’ve assembled it…


Austin has started eating solids. It’s been fun seeing how he reacts to new foods. He likes carrots, apples, bananas. He could care less about pears. He enjoys dixie peas but not green peas. HATES green beans. Sweet potatoes are a hit. Bell pepper, not so much. On Fathers’ Day, we took my dad to get peach and strawberry ice cream, so of course, Austin got a taste. No reaction- except maybe surprise that it was cold.


After a long week of diagnosis, saline, and force feeding, we discovered my sweet Leia had a tumor in her lungs. A huge one. We had to put her to sleep. It was so hard. I still see her and hear her footsteps all the time.


My crazy little brother came home for a visit. His birthday was in the beginning of the trip, so we threw him a keg party. Like in college- only with better beer. My father played beer pong for the first time. It was awesome.


We have had all three safety inspections of our home- DSS, DHEC, and the fire marshal. They say it’s safe for a kid to live here. (phew! haha.) Next up is the personal interviews with our case worker. Things are moving right along!


Time is just flying by. I guess staying busy does that. We’ve really been enjoying the times we’ve had, though. Even if it is going by at super sonic speed. Speaking of time flying- Austin is six months old today. I just can’t believe it. This morning he fell asleep in my arms- which rarely happens anymore- so I snapped a quick pick of him sleeping. He is so precious, and no matter how much he grows, he’ll always be my precious child. My baby. 🙂



2 thoughts on “We keep going…and going…and going….

  1. That is what I like to call CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL! When your life is so full of friends, family, house projects, pets, work, etc etc.. Then you have moments like today when your sweet baby falls asleep in your arms and you realize just how beautiful it all is! I can’t believe Austin is 6 months already, he is so handsome!

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