Springtime means…

What does Spring mean to you? What images does it conjure up? For me, I instantly think of flowers, quickly followed by allergies. Just these last few weekends also showed me that it also means lots of activities, yard work, and just all around hard work.

The last couple of weekends, Chris and I tackled the front yard. It definitely needed some TLC. First, we took a few weekends to widen our walkway. The finished walkway looks and feels so much more comfortable and welcoming. We used the leftover brick from when they did the face of our house. With the remaining brick, we decided to build a ring around our crepe myrtle in the front yard. It was a pain in the butt trying to get the ground level, but once it was done, we were so glad we did it. Now we just need to find what we want to use to top the brick with, and the ring will be complete! In the meantime, We filled it with dirt, planted some hostas, and mulched it. When the tree fills out some, it will provide more shade for the hostas. We also straightened out our flower bed, and replaced all the plants in it. We got some small encore azaleas and some low spreading gardenias for that space. Then we mulched. We planted pencil holly on either side of the garage and mulched there as well. We used a LOT of mulch! We still have plenty, but we still have more planting to do. We have two big yews  from my parents that will be planted this week, and also two camellias that we should be getting from them this week. I planted some small pots for the front porch with Gerber (or are they Shasta?) daisies and impatiens. So cute! Lastly, I made a spring wreath for the door. The front is looking good! Now, if we can just get the Miata fixed and sold, and clean out the garage enough to put both cars in there, I will be a happy woman! 🙂

A little over a week ago, Chris and I won some tickets to see a concert of one of our favorite bands- Mutemath. How we got so lucky, I’ll never know! Not only did we win tickets to the concert, but we (well, I went with a friend since Chris couldn’t get out of a meeting) got to go listen to a live acoustic set at the radio station, and got to meet the band! It was awesome.

Did I write yet, that our washing machine broke? Yeah, right in the middle of a load of sopping wet laundry. What a pain. We had to siphon the water out and run to a neighbor’s to finish off the load. We spent the next week or so looking at washers, and trying to decide if we should buy a used one or a new one. We found out that Chris’ work contracts with Kenmore appliances for the hospitals they work with, so we took advantage of that and got ourselves a great deal on a new washer. It’s a top-load, with no agitator, and a huge capacity. It’s energy-efficient and can do more with less. I love that! 🙂

Last weekend (3/17) we had a neighborhood breakfast at a local diner. A whole bunch of us turned out and had a really fun time. We got to mingle with new neighbors, some we’d already met, and meet their kids. It was a fun, casual way to interact with everyone. This spring weather, though, has helped us to meet people, too, as everyone is outside. Since we have been in the yard working, when neighbors go out for walks, we stop them to say hello. We’ve met a ton of people this month! Last Saturday, after breakfast and a little yard work, we had an orientation meeting with South Carolina Social Services to learn about public adoption. We got a lot of great information, and got many questions answered. We were excited to learn how the process works, and that the home-study done by DSS can be used other places as well, should we decide to go a different route later on. Well, we completed our initial paperwork and sent it off last week! There’s still a mountain of other paperwork to get through, and information to gather, but at least we have the ball rolling. The next 6-9 months will be all about paperwork and getting to know us. We have to write our autobiographies, give personal references, get our background checks and finger printing done, have physical exams, get the pets shots and paperwork done, have a fire inspection, meetings with a case worker, and a million other things before we can be matched with a child. It is the start of a very long process, but every journey begins with a single step, and we’re on our way!

Last night we got back from a weekend in Myrtle Beach. We went to visit family, and help Chris’ parents take care of some things. It was a busy, busy weekend filled with lots of stories, and lots of work. Chris’ dad was in the hospital recovering from back surgery, so we spent some time there as well. We got first aid kits for our cars, got the key batteries replaced, went to the flea market, ate out, cleaned up a storage unit, visited the grandparents… oh yeah- and spent an hour or two at the beach. All the driving we do to get down there and back make these weekends seem so short and tiring. But, the trips are always good. I knew I’d enjoy it when we pulled in and had a little frog on the railing of the house, welcoming us into town. 🙂 I have to be honest, though. I’m glad to be back in the peace and quiet of our own home. I was very tired by the end of our trip. I’m glad to get back to our normal, everyday pace- even if it is a little busier this time of year.

What projects or trips have you gotten started this spring?

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One thought on “Springtime means…

  1. Your yard looks great! Our yard needs more than a little TLC but we’re slow at getting to it. We need to before it gets too hot.

    ❤ Mutemath! Lucky!

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