Saturday Morning Blog Update

This is the first lazy Saturday morning I can remember having in I don’t know how long. Well, lazy for me anyway. Chris was up and out early this morning to help a friend move. I woke up around 8:30, and didn’t get out of bed until after nine, just enjoying my quiet time under the warm covers, and in my dimly lit room. It was glorious.

In a little bit, my neighbor is coming over, and we are going to an outdoor yoga class together. But for now, cleaning up breakfast and updating you on our week.

Let’s see… Remember a couple of weeks ago, we were helping my brother move? Well, that day we found a cool dumpster find. This neat mirror. When I saw it, I immediately grabbed my husband, because I knew he would like the shape and color. I had been looking for a large mirror to go over our entry table, and this one just might work. It was in great shape, and I wondered why it had been thrown out. My guess is the top section used to be mirrored, and the glass came out. Oh well! One man’s trash…


So, to make this our own, (and because once it occurred to me that there was probably mirror in that top grey section, that’s all I could notice,) I put a little creativity to work. I hopped over to this etsy shop, and ordered a custom decal. Now our mirror looks like this:


Isn’t it great?! I love how it turned out. Chris really likes it too.

The weather is starting to warm up, and it’s staying light out a little longer, so we took advantage of it. I went out with Chris to play disc golf on Thursday evening. Chris loves the sport, and I really could care less, but it was nice to just walk around together and enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company. I, apparently, am a quick study, `cuz Chris kept praising my… shots? Throws? Whatever. I did good. 😉 We followed the game with fajitas and beer. Yum!

We also started on a new art project this week. I am hoping it will be done soon and we can hang it over the big empty space on my desk. I’ll show you a few peeks into it, but it involved leftover 2×2 lumber from the construction site dumpsters, (are you noticing a pattern here?), some leftover white paint from when we repainted the townhouse, Chris’ saw skills, and some glue. Cheap (almost free!) and hopefully substantial and cool. We shall see!

Last night we had dinner at our friends’ house. They bought their home almost one year ago, and it really feels so homey and welcoming. I can’t wait for ours to feel more that way. But it will take time, and I am learning patience. Chris and our friend, Jacob, were working on a couple videos that Chris is going to submit to this inventor’s contest, and I hung out with Sarah and her adorable children. It was really nice to just spend time with them, as usually we see them in a larger group. I hope we do it more often.

Today, after Chris get’s home from helping our friend, I am hoping we can tackle our yard. It looks pitiful. Since the front yard is the first thing people see when they visit our home, I want it to be nice and welcoming. And, well, it’s just not. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can start a couple of projects out there today and enjoy getting dirty in the nice weather on the one “free” Saturday that we’ve had this year.

What is your weekend shaping up to look like?

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