when are weekends NOT busy?

We had another extremely busy weekend, and I’m glad to be back at our normal, workday pace. Friday afternoon, I baked some red velvet cupcakes for our new neighbors, and then Chris and I went to a party that was being thrown to celebrate our old friends’ upcoming wedding. The party was 1920’s prohibition themed, and was a lot of fun. We caught up with lots of friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, tasted some home-brewed beer and yummy themed concoctions, and munched while we mingled. It was a beautiful night, and warm enough for us to hand out on the front porch. It was really lovely. You can read the hostess’ post about it here.

We left early that night, because I had to be up early Saturday morning. I was getting my hair done- finally! It had been since November, and I was so looking forward to seeing my loctician again. I had a luxurious wash and retwist, and left all smiles. It was good to see her after so long. Not to mention good to feel cleaned up. 🙂

My Uncle Arthur (my dad’s brother) surprised us all with a visit, so after my hair was done, we all went out to brunch to hang out and eat good food. Then we went back to our place so that he could see our new digs. He really liked our home! We sat around talking and laughing for a while, and then Chris and I went down the road to bring the cupcakes to the new neighbors and introduce ourselves. After that, my mom, brother, and I went to Costco while my dad and uncle went home. Chris stayed at our house, as our neighbor was coming over to take a look at our taxes. She has her own accounting firm, and was generous enough to offer to help us, as she knew this was our first year with rental properties, and living and working in different states. When I got home from the store, she was still there, and working her magic to save us money. 🙂

Shortly after our taxes were looked at, some neighbors of ours came over. They had offered to take some photos of Chris and I to have ready for our adoption file. It was really nice just hanging out, talking, and of course smiling a lot for pictures, but also because of the company. Trying to get Aramis & Leia to cooperate was not easy, but we managed. They took some awesome shots.

Not 10 minutes after they left, one of my best girls showed up with her son. We were going to make white chicken chili and play games all night, which is exactly what we did. It was a lot of fun. We (the grown ups) stayed up late and went through two bottles of wine. It was wonderful. It had been way too long since we had all had quality time together, and I am so thankful that we could finally do that.

Our schedules got changed and mixed up on Sunday, so we missed church, which was a bummer. But we had lunch with our small group, then deviated from our normal schedule. After we ate, we all went to the park. Our great friend, Jacob, took a few pictures of us, also hoping to come out with a great shot for our adoption file. It was really great of him to do that. Then the guys played spike ball there at the park, and us girls headed back to stay warm and watch the little ones. It was kind of nice to have some girl time with these ladies, as we are always with our hubbies when we are together. I really enjoyed the time with them. Once the guys returned, we dug into our book- Two Becoming One- that we have been reading together for some time now. We were discussing a really good chapter, and had lots to talk about. I really cherish these Sunday afternoon meetings. I love the group, get a lot out of the book, and really appreciate the honesty and openness that these friends provide. They are great for support, always hold us accountable, and we trust them. We closed in group prayer, but not until almost 6 PM.

The group was going out for dinner to have burritos, but I begged of. We had been going, going, going all weekend, and I just wanted some time alone with my husband. We went and had Indian food for dinner, just the two of us. It was nice. Then we came home and dug into a new book in our Bible- Acts. We read the first chapter and talked about it, then called it an early night.

So that was our weekend. Monday was a frustrating day for me,for lots of reasons, but mainly because our washing machine stopped working, mid load. Grr. It’s always something. Tonight, Chris and I are going to a Bobcats game, courtesy of my parents. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a win, but won’t hold my breath…

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2 thoughts on “when are weekends NOT busy?

    • Thanks, Charlie. 🙂 I can’t say it’s our original idea, but one we had to imitate. I only hope prospective agencies and families like them as much as we do!

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