quality time with my Daddy-O

I went to the Bobcats game last night with my dad. We had such a good time. I felt so special going out just the two of us. We haven’t done that in a long time. In the car heading to the game, walking from the garage to the arena, during the game, and on the way back home, we talked and talked and talked- about all kinds of things.

The match up was with the Philadelphia 76ers, and everyone said we would get creamed. Yes, we were behind for most of the game, but at the end of the 3rd we closed the gap to three points! Everyone was out of their seats, yelling and screaming. But, we didn’t pull it off. We lost 98-89. It was a good game- really fun. We were near some loud (and at times, slightly obnoxious,) sixers fans, which kept things fun. There were lots of kids at the game, and people were dancing and cheering and laughing all night long. We shared a tub (or two…) of popcorn, and I indulged in one of my favorite game treats- pink cotton candy.  🙂 It was such a fun night!

me & daddy


pink & fluffy cotton candy!



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