Getting my craft on!

Remember the first yarn wreath I made earlier this year? If not, you can see it here. Well, a neighbor just a couple of houses up saw it and liked it. She reached out to me via Facebook, and asked me if I’d like to join up with her and her best friend for the spring/summer craft circuit around Charlotte. I was so surprised and delighted that she would extend that offer to me. Especially since i did not think my wreath turned out that great… So we got to talking, and the circuit seemed like a good idea. I wanted to make more wreaths anyway, but knew I had no need for a bunch of them, and nowhere to keep them all. This would be a great way to get some of my creative energy out, as well as a chance to get better acquainted with my neighbor. Plus, a little extra cash, and a weekend out of the house sounds great, too. The first event is at the end of April, so I’d better get started!

Of course, I discussed all of this with Chris, and he was all for it. He even offered to help me with some of the projects I have in mind. (He likes doing things with me!)  Then I had the idea that any of our proceeds will go towards our adoption fund, and he was even more supportive of the endeavor. I’m really excited! I let my neighbor know about the adoption fund, and she supports the idea 100%, so we will be making signs to let our patrons know that a portion of our proceeds will help bring an orphaned child into our home. (By the way, because the adoption process takes so long, Chris and I are gathering information now, and hope to get started on it sometime this year.)

In the meantime, I have had to practice my wreath making. Here is the latest one I’ve made. It’s not for the craft show, but just to keep improving. I intend to give this to some new neighbors who are moving in this weekend. We have been writing messages back and forth for the last few months as their home was being built, so it already feels like we’ve been friends and neighbors. We’ve even borrowed tools from them somehow, even though they currently reside in New Jersey…  I’m excited to finally have them here. I really hope they like it, and that it makes them feel welcome!

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