Meet Gus

Gus- short for Asparagus, is one of the strays in our neighborhood. He and his sibling, Bones (Short for Griddlebone), cause mischief in and around our section of the neighborhood. I say that because they got into our neighbor’s trash and made a mess, and can sometimes be seen darting in and out of the framed homes going up. Gus is gray with a ringed tip of a tail, while his brother (I think they are boys…) has stripes along his ribcage.

I leave them food, because they are super cute and I feel bad for them. Especially since the construction around here is slowing and I’m sure it’s harder for them to find food in the dumpsters. Chris tells everyone I am trying to tame them, but I could care less. I just want them to be fed. He’s the one that keeps moving their food closer to the door so they will “get used” to us. Haha.

So- who of you out there knows where I got their names from??

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