Here’s Griddlebone!

I just remembered I have a few pictures of Gus’ brother, Bones.

Bones is a little less timid than his brother. Sometimes I’ll see him out in the yard as I’m walking towards the kitchen. When we lock eyes, he looks at me very seriously and sits down, waiting. He know’s I’m the bringer of the food. (I thought I got out of the food service industry….) Unlike his brother, he eats kind of slowly, and doesn’t make a mess. When he’s done eating, he hangs out on the porch until he’s well rested, or until our house cat, Leia sees him and makes it known he’s not welcome.

I think these guys are pretty young cats. At night, when the outside light shines on them, the color of their fur is really pretty and shiny. I’m starting to grow quite fond of them and am glad to see them come around most days.

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