my first yarn wreath

I had been wanting to attempt making a yarn wreath for some time now. I was going to make a white one with embellishments that I could swap for any season. But then the argyle bug hit me…

I decided to do a pink and red wreath to put up for Valentine’s Day. I opted for a white base so that it would pop against our brown door. I also looked for some sparkly, tacky heart decorations that would be visible from the street. At Michaels, I searched and searched for the right pink fabric to make my argyle diamonds. Everything they had was either too pale, or hot pink. I was looking for something soft and romantic, not something that you couldn’t see against the white, or anything too garish. I finally found some felt that I thought fit the bill. It’s light pink but not too pale.

Now that it’s finished, I probably should have gone with the brighter pink. It’s not easy to see the pink from the street. Too bad. But lesson learned. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could go get new felt and swap it out. But, knowing me, that’s not going to happen. Haha. I guess it’s ok if you can’t tell it’s argyle when you see it from the road. It will just look like a white wreath with red criss cross and a too small red bow…

Here are the pictures of the process and finished product.  I am obviously bummed about the pink, but all in all, I’ll say I did pretty well with my first go at it. What do you think?

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One thought on “my first yarn wreath

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