a really busy weekend!

This past weekend was an eventful one here at Chez Martin.  Chris’ grandma had wanted to come see our new house for some time, but illness kept preventing the trip. Well this time, it finally happened. Chris’ mom brought his grandparents up for a visit! It was wonderful. On their way into Charlotte, they detoured out to Mint Hill, where they picked up Chris’ great-aunt, who is his grandmother’s sister. They pulled up right about noon, and finally got to see the home we had told them so much about.

We had tuna melts on English muffins for lunch, and then sat around talking. My parents  also stopped by, so the house was full of family, chatter, and laughter. I loved it! I hope for many more moments like that. Chris’ grandfather had brought a head of collard greens straight from their garden, and his grandmother washed and prepped it for us. After that, though, it was all I could do to keep her out of the kitchen! I was determined that they relax and enjoy themselves. Plus, I wanted to show her that I can cook, so she doesn’t worry about her grandson going hungry! 😉

And cook I did. After the tuna melts, I prepped dinner. I made potato salad, collard greens, crowder peas with corn, and a pork loin. I also whipped up an apple and blueberry cobbler for dessert. After dessert, Chris and his mom drove his great-aunt back home, and I had some alone time with his grandparents. They told me stories about when Chris was little, and it was plain to see that they’ve always been very proud of him and love him immensely.

The next morning we had french toast and sausage, and sliced up some of the apple bread that they had picked up on the drive from Conway, SC. Then we sat around with our coffee and told stories. It was so nice. We were smiling during their entire visit. About mid morning, Chris took his family over to see where he worked, and then drove them through our neighborhood.  Before they left, we lunched on grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. His grandparents also finished off the cobbler! 😉

They hit the road around two in the afternoon. It was such a nice visit, and I hope we can do it again. After they left, we got to work on finishing our fence. We just had to put up the gate and it would finally be done. We got 90% done, but had to drop everything. It was getting dark and cold, and we were late to my parents’ house, where we were celebrating my birthday. My mom had prepared a great meal of smoked salmon bread pudding, lamb osso buco, asparagus and mushrooms, grilled polenta, and rolls. It was amazing, and paired with a delicious wine. We ended with mint chocolate chip Klondike bars and mini red velvet cupcakes. And of course,  I opened presents. I don’t know if everyone is worried that I’m only a year from 30, or something, but let me tell you – I was spoiled this year! Necklaces must have been the theme, as I got one from my brother, my grandparents, my parents, and my husband! I also got the entire collection of Harry Potter blue rays, a purse, and a ton of other goodies. I am not sure what I did to deserve all of it, but I’m not complaining!

I love dinners with my family. It’s nice to see everyone just enjoying each other and relaxing. My dad will usually have one laughing fit for the night, and this time was no exception. It always makes for a lot of laughter, and sometimes tears.

Monday was a holiday, so our eventful weekend stretched out for one more day. We finished the gate, ran some errands, ate early, and finished the night watching movies (including Funny Face!) and drinking mulled wine. It was wonderful. When all was said and done, I was ready for the weekend to be over. How weird is that? But, I enjoyed every minute of it!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

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How was your Martin Luther King Jr. weekend?


2 thoughts on “a really busy weekend!

  1. Hello Alicia and Chris,

    I loved reading and seeing the pictures about your wonderful long weekend filled with love for both of your families. It gave me such a sense of warmth and pride in how you value what is important in life. Undoubtedly you have made both of your parents and grandparents very happy and that, inspite of all your hard work, made you feel so good inside.

    love, PoPo

  2. Alicia left out the reason why her dad was having a laughing fit at dinner this weekend….I think it had something to do with her brother being the “Boo Thang”….

    I didn’t get to have any of her cobbler 😦

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